Measure out lime and cement on site

Designed for powder storage and filling, the Warzée SD2300 measuring hopper is specially designed to be filled with big- bags. It is able to contain up to 2.3 m³ of different products.



Precise measuring

Remote controlled

Functional and multipurpose

The measuring silo enables different types of powders to be stored and measured.

It is especially suitable for measuring soil treatment products, lime and cement.

Warzée dosing hopper / On-site silo

Integrated bag cutter

Fitted with an integrated bag cutter, the measuring silo is specially designed to be filled using big bags.

Having opened the lids, it only requires a big bag to be lowered into the hopper and then the bags contents will flow out, filling the hopper.

Integrated bag cutter on the Warzée hopper

Volumetric measuring

Once the hopper is filled, the operator calibrates and then enters the quantity of material required using the integrated control panel.

Volumetric measuring of the cement and lime

Remote control

Once the quantity required has been registered, the loading system only needs to be activated using the remote control. The quantity of cement or lime will then be loaded by the auger.

Remote control on the Warzee silo


The measuring hopper can be moved around a site easily as it is fitted with sleeves, lifting rings. it is also equipped with skids.

The measuring hopper is easily lifted or towed by any type of vehicle or excavator.

Handling of the Warzée hopper

Compatible with mixer buckets

Used with a Warzée mixer bucket, the measuring hopper is the ideal piece of equipment for on-site measuring of binding agents.

It is capable of measuring out lime or cement, and filling the mixer bucket without the operator having to leave the loader seat.

Lime and cement silo for mixing buckets



Technical info
Volume 2,3 m³
Dimensions/Width 230 cm
Dimensions/Length 476 cm
Dimensions/Height 253 cm
Dimensions/Weight 1850 kg
Equipment/Automated system
Equipment/Auger Flow : 18 m³/h
Equipment/Remote control
Equipment/Big-bag cutter
Specifications/Power supply 3 x 400 V à 50 Hz

Capacity : 2300 liters
Auger flow : 18m³/h
Dimensions : 4500 x 2200 x 2000 mm
Empty weight : 1850 kg
Covered (2 lids)
Integrated bag cutter
Auger protection
4-function remote control
Vibrating motor
Trap door (bottom of the hopper)
Cuff on the auger
Integrated sleeves

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