One machine for feeding and bedding

The Warzée DE500 unroller-spreader enables any round bale of hay or silage to be distributed. Versatile, this machine can also be used for bedding both round and square bales up to 15 meters.

New ! More ergonomic, the Warzée DE500 is free of any electrical function and equipped with a " Switch " hydraulic inverter to automatically switch between feeding and bedding.


Automatic hitching

" Switch " hydraulic inverter

Suitable for both round and big square bales

Less dust

Spreads straw up to 15 m

Unroller ...

Once the rotor has been raised, the machine can unroll round bales of hay and wrapped silage.

The conveyor’s ability to revolve in both directions enables damp or compact bales to be processed.

Feeding hay and silage bales with a Merlo

... straw spreader!

When the rotor is lowered, the machine switches into straw spreading mode, and is capable of handling both round and big square bales.

By using the hydraulic deflector, the operator can alter the straw spreading distance from 2 to 15 m.

Straw spreading / bedding with a Merlo telescopic

Quick hitching

The machine includes a back plate fitted with bale spikes. The back plate enables the bale to be loaded, and the machine to be hitched and driven without the need for the operator to intervene manually.

Hitching the two bodies mechanically is 100% automatic.

Automatic hitching of the machine on the telescopic

New ! " Switch " system

Simply place the machine on the ground to alternate functions and switch from distribution to straw spreading in seconds.

Thanks to this unique system, the machine is free of any electrical function and does not require any additional hydraulic function on the telescopic handler!

Alternator for the battery


The straw spreading rotor is the opposite to the traditional turbines.

It is specially designed to eliminate blockages, to conserve the straw’s stalk length, whilst limiting the amount of dust produced.

Warzée DE551 straw bedding rotor


The straw spreading rotor is equipped with a mechanical deflector.

By manually adjusting it, the operator can adjust the bedding distance, for long straw areas or narrower boxes.

Warzée DE551 straw bedding rotor

Distribution to the left, to the right and ahead

The machine is equipped for distribution in two directions (left/right). The unroller simply has to be hitched on the opposite side in order to change the unrolling direction.

The straw processor can be equipped for frontal hitching (option).

Warzée round bales unroller

Suitable for all telescopic handlers

The straw processor can be fitted to any type of telescopic handler (Merlo, Manitou, JCB, New Holland, Dieci, Massey Ferguson, etc.).

The back plate with bale spikes is made-to-measure, with suitable brackets fitted.

New Holland telescopic loader



Technical info
Feeding/Type Hay, silage
Feeding/Round bales
Feeding/Square bales
Bedding/Type Hydraulic rotor
Bedding/Square bales
Bedding/Square bales
Bedding/Bedding distance Up to 15 m
Hitching/Bale spike Hydraulic
Hitching/Number of sides 2 or 3
Hitching/Locking catches
Equipment/Hydraulic motor
Dimensions/Width High rotor : 240 cm / Low rotor : 340 cm
Dimensions/Height High rotor : 240 cm
Dimensions/Weight 1600 kg
Specifications/Transmission Double effect
Specifications/Oil flow Min. 85L/min
Specifications/Pressure Max. 200 bar

Available options

Frontal distribution (3rd side)

In addition to the second side distribution, a third side can be mounted on the machine. This option enables frontal distribution and bedding.

Disabled option

Available options

See details of options

Width : 240 - 340 cm
Unroll round bales
Spread both round and square bales (up to 10-15 meters)
Automatic hitching (hydraulic)
Automatic lifting of the spreading rotor
Chain conveyor speed setting on the machine
Mechanical deflector (manual adjustment)
Both sides distribution
Brackets for any loader

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