A bucket for filling big-bags

Ideal for bulk material handling, the Warzée Big-bag filling buckets are equipped with a sliding trapdoor on their underside, enabling big-bags to be filled with aggregates.

Models : BT750, BT1000, BT1500, BT2000


Hydraulic measuring trapdoor

Reinforced bucket lip

Big-bag hooks


The bucket enables all types of aggregates to be picked up and then emptied into big-bags: sand, gravel, wood chips, etc.

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Cone shaped

The bucket profile has been specially designed in order for aggregates to flow freely, and therefore eliminate blocking.

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Hydraulic trapdoor

The hydraulic trapdoor enables different materials to be measured and emptied, into big-bags or even straight into a trailer.

The trapdoor provides continuous control of the material flow.

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Hooks for big-bags

The bucket is fitted with 4 hooks for holding the big-bag loops.

Once the big-bag is full, the operator only has to place it on the ground for it to be released, eliminating the need to leave the loader seat.

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Different volumes available

The Warzée big-bag filling bucket is available with different capacities making it suitable for all types of handler.

Volumes : 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 liters.

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Technical info
Volume 2000 L
Hitching/Bolt-on brackets
Equipment/Hydraulic trapdoor
Equipment/Big-bag hooks
Dimensions/Working width
Dimensions/Overall width
Specifications/Oil flow

Capacity : 2000 liters
Hydraulic bottom discharge
Hooks for big-bags
Brackets for any loader

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