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Designed for telescopic loaders, large wheel loaders and large excavators, the Maxii mixing bucket enables all types of aggregates to be loaded and mixed (cement, concrete, cement stabilized sand, soil and lime, etc.).

The way in which mixing is carried out by using blades guarantees homogenous mixing of all types of material, wet or dry, and regardless of the granulate size.

Models : BB1010, BB1510, BB2010


Bladed mixing system

Built using Hardox ® steel

Replaceable base

Bladed mixing

The Warzée cement mixing buckets have replaceable mixing blades.

The blades are designed to follow the bucket contours perfectly, stir the mix and eliminate the risk blockages.

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All types of mixes

The Warzée mixer bucket is capable of mixing any type of aggregate or material: cement, concrete, cement stabilized sand, screeds, soil, lime, gravel, stones, chippings, sand, etc.

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Speed of mixing

The Warzée mixer bucket only needs one minute to produce a homogenous mix.

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Hardox in My Body ™

Hardox ® steel has been chosen for the manufacture of Warzée mixer buckets.

This hard wearing steel is particularly resistant to abrasive mixes. All the bucket mixers have the Hardox in My Body ™ guarantee.

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New ! Replaceable base

All the Warzée mixer buckets are designed to receive a bolt-on replaceable base.

The replaceable base increases the working life of buckets that are already renowned for their toughness.

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Lateral or centrally emptying

The mixer bucket can be emptied by tipping, but it can also be equipped in order to empty from the side, or centrally from below, with the addition of two sliding gutters.

In both cases, the blades point in the right direction in order to accelerate emptying through the gutters.

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Numerous options are available

Each mixer bucket can be equipped with different options in order for it to be adapted to suit its intended working environment perfectly.

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Adapted to suit all types of handler

The Warzée Midi mixer buckets are suitable for numerous types of handlers (loaders or excavators).

The bolt-on brackets are tailor-made to suit your handler.

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Technical info
Volume 2000 L
Output 30 m³/h
Composition Hardox ®
Hitching/Bolt-on brackets
Equipment/Bolt-on replaceable base
Equipment/Replaceable blades
Equipment/Safety grid
Dimensions/Working width 2400 mm
Dimensions/Overall width 2800 mm
Dimensions/Internal diameter 1200 mm
Dimensions/Weight 3340 kg
Specifications/Transmission Double effect
Specifications/Oil flow Min. 150 L/min / Max. 240 L/min
Specifications/Pressure Max. 200 bar

Available options

Bolt-on brackets

For any loader

Disabled option

Hydraulic bottom discharge

L’ouverture ventrale se trouve au fond du godet mélangeur. Commandée par éléctrovanne, celle-ci facilite la vidange des mélanges dans des tranchées ou des big-bags.

Disabled option

Available options

See details of options

Capacity : 2000 liters
Hardox ©
Bolted bottom
Protection grid
Without brackets

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