Load, hitch, unroll!

Simple and tough, the Warzée DE250 unroller distributes round bales of hay and wrapped silage of up to 160 cm and 800 kg quickly. The machine is made up of a back plate with bale spikes and a compact distribution body. This unroller is suitable for front-end loaders, telescopic handlers, and also tractor three-point linkages. Fitted with a straw spreading kit (option), the machine is also capable of spreading round bales of straw.


Automatic hitching


Two-way distribution conveyor

Only one hydraulic service is required

Mechanical straw spreading kit (Option)

Quick hitching

The unroller includes a back plate fitted with bale spikes. The back plate enables the bale to be loaded, and the machine to be hitched and driven without the need for the operator to intervene manually.

Hitching the two bodies mechanically is 100% automatic.

Bale spike / fork with automatic hitching


The distribution conveyor is close to the ground, enabling both the bale to be loaded and the machine to be hitched easily, even by a tractor’s three-point linkage.

Warzee unroller on Euro front loader

A multipurpose machine

The unroller is capable of distributing all types of round bale: forage, hay, wrapped silage, haylage, straw, etc.

The conveyor’s ability to revolve in both directions enables damp or compact bales to be distributed.

Hay, wet silage and straw bales

New! Straw spreading kit

Each Warzée unroller can be fitted with a mechanical straw spreading kit.

The straw spreading kit does not require any extra hydraulic couplings and it enables straw to be spread up to 7 metres whilst keeping dust levels to a minimum.

Straw blower for round bales

Fully customizable

Not only is there the straw spreading kit, but there are also numerous options available that will enable you to create a machine to suit your needs.

Fully customisable unroller

Optimised unroller support

As soon as the unroller is lifted, the safety locking hooks become secured.

They attach the body to the back plate in order to allow for the different situations that may occur (long distances, sharp breaking, etc.).

Security locks on the machine

Distribution to the left, to the right and frontal

The machine can be equipped with a second distribution side and/or frontal distribution (options).

The unroller simply has to be hitched to the opposite side in order to change the unrolling direction (left/right/frontal).

Hay round bales feeding on a John Deere 3 points linkage

Suitable for any type of machine

The unroller is suitable for any type of machine: front-end loader, telescopic handler, tractor three-point linkage, etc.

The back plate with bale spikes is made-to-measure, with suitable brackets fitted.

Mailleux MX front loader on a Massey Ferguson



Technical info
Feeding/Type Hay, silage
Feeding/Round bales
Feeding/Square bales
Bedding/Type Option : Mechanical rotor
Bedding/Square bales Option
Bedding/Square bales
Bedding/Bedding distance Option : from 5 to 8 m
Hitching/Bale spike Mechanical
Hitching/Number of sides 1, 2 or 3
Hitching/Locking catches
Equipment/Hydraulic motor
Dimensions/Width 220 cm
Dimensions/Height 130 cm
Dimensions/Weight 800 kg
Specifications/Transmission Double effect
Specifications/Oil flow Min. 30 L/min
Specifications/Pressure Max. 170 bar

Available options

Straw spreader kit

he mechanical spreading kit is fitted to the side of the spreader. It is raised and lowered manually in order to alternate between unrolling and spreading rapidly.

Disabled option

Mechanical deflector

The mechanical deflector is placed on the straw spreading kit. Manually adjustable, it allows to control the angle and distance of straw spreading.

Disabled option

Bottom plate

The floor is to be found under the conveyor belt. It enables all of the material to be kept in the unroller and eliminates any losses.

Disabled option

Extension plate

The extension enables the hay and straw being handled to be held in the chamber. It is strongly advised for bales of more than 1.30 m in diameter, the extension stops the material from being lost.

Disabled option

Side plates (1 or 2)

The sides can be put on both sides of the unroller. They enable the bale to be kept in the unroller’s chamber and likewise eliminate any losses.

Disabled option

Both sides distribution (2nd side)

A second side enables distribution to be carried out from both the left and right-hand sides. The automatic hitch enables the change from one side to the other.

Disabled option

Frontal distribution (3rd side)

In addition to the second side distribution, a third side can be mounted on the machine. This option enables frontal distribution and bedding.

Disabled option

Available options

See details of options

Width : 220 cm
Automatic hitching (mechanical)
One side distribution
Hitching for any loader

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