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Warzée SA

Tige de Buresse, 95
5360 Hamois (Belgium)

Tel. +32 (0) 83 61 23 93
Fax. +32 (0) 83 61 29 14

VAT: BE-0472.681.592

IBAN: BE 19 7320 2734 0412

General provisions

1. Our invoices are payable in cash without any discount to Hamois. If they are not disputed in writing within 8 days of receipt, they will be regarded as irrevocably accepted. Any invoice not paid when due will automatically and without notice incur statutory interest at the overdraught rate used by banks, plus 3%. The due date therefore serves as formal notice.

2. By virtue of articles 1146 et seq. of the Civil Code, any invoice not paid when due will incur fixed compensation equivalent to 15% as damages with a minimum of 37.18 Euros.

3. If there is a dispute or any legal action relating to payment, the Tribunal de Première instance de Dinant or the Ciney Justice of the Peace will have exclusive jurisdiction, depending on the total value of the claim.

4. The goods described above remain our property until the invoice is paid in full.


By giving their agreement when entering or providing their personal data or entering into a contract with Warzée SA, clients consent to the collection and use of their personal data as described below.

Warzée SA collects personal identification information (name, address, telephone number, email address etc.). This personal data which is provided to us may be used by Warzée SA for the purposes of business management and to promote its products and services.

Right to access: the client has the right at any time to ask whether their data has been collected, how long for, and for what purpose..

Right to rectification: the client has the right to ask that false or incomplete information about them is corrected or completed, at any time, just be making a request to do so.

Right to restriction of processing: the client can ask for the processing of their data to be restricted. This means that the data in question must be “marked” in our IT system and no longer be used after a certain length of time.

Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’): Subject to exceptions stipulated by law, the client has the right to demand that their data is erased.

Right to data portability: The client can ask for their data to be transmitted in a “structured, commonly used, machine-readable format”.

The client can ask for their data to be transmitted in a “structured, commonly used, machine-readable format”.

Right to complain: The client has the right to lodge a complaint with the appropriate supervisory body in order to make sure that the relevant legislation is respected.

Special provisions

The owner of this website

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Copyright statement

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