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1. NEW ! STRAW SPREADER KIT OPTION A straw spreader kit can be fi tted to all of our bale rollers. The rotor is mechanically driven and does not require any supplementary connection. In the highest position, the roller distributes straw, hay and baled silage. In the lower straw spreading position, the rotor can spread straw up to 8 meters. Spreader kit 100% mechanical The unroller is capable of handling round bales of up to 800 kg. Ideal for unrolling bales of hay and wrapped silage. The reduced overhang guarantees unequalled manoeuvrability. AUTOMATIC HITCHING Coupling the two components is carried out thanks to a mechanical hitching system that is 100% automatic. A single loader is suffi cient for both loading and driving the unroller, eliminating the need for two loaders. Both sides distribution Reduced overhang Reduced weight Reduced width Pick up and Load the bale onto the unroller ❶ Hitch the unroller with the same bale spike ❷ Feed and bed with any round bale ❸ THE BALE UNROLLER THAT IS SUITABLE FOR SMALL LOA DERS ROUND BALES UNROLLER DE 225 +32 (0) 83 61 23 93 info @ warzee-sa.com www.warzee-sa.com The Warzée DE225 bale feeder has been specially designed to suit small loaders and farm handlers (Schäffer, Weidemann, Giant, etc.). Despite its small size, it enables bales of straw, hay and silage of up to 800 kg to be unrolled. Our bale unrollers are designed to be simple and fast : the bale spike and back frame is used to pick up the bale and put it onto the distribution frame. The bale unroller is then hitched up using the same bale spike and back frame.

2. OUR LIVESTOCK RANGE CHARACTERISTICS Min. 30 L/min. Max. 170 bar DIMENSIONS A 1770 mm B 2500 mm C 1300 mm D 2053 mm E 1120 mm HANDLERS Farm handlers, compact loaders, mini telescopic handlers BALES Round Hay, silage, straw Up to 150 cm with extension Up to 800 kg WEIGHT (including bale spike) DE225 575 kg 2 nd side + plates 100 kg Spreader kit 150 kg E D C B A SPECIFICATIONS MECHANICAL DEFLECTOR The mechanical defl ector is placed on the straw spreader kit. Manually adjustable, it allows to control the angle and distance of straw spreading. SIDE PLATES The sides can be put on both sides of the unroller. They enable the bale to be kept in the unroller’s chamber and likewise eliminate any losses. BOTTOM PLATE The fl oor is to be found under the conveyor belt. It enables all of the material to be kept in the unroller and eliminates any losses. STRAW SPREADER KIT The mechanical spreader kit is fi tted to the side of the spreader. It is raised and lowered manually in order to alternate between unrolling and spreading rapidly. EXTENSION PLATE The extension enables the hay and straw being handled to be held in the chamber. It is strongly advised for bales of more than 1.30 m in diameter, the extension stops the material from being lost. BOTH SIDES DISTRIBUTION (2 ND SIDE) A second side enables distribution to be carried out from both the left and right- hand sides. The automatic hitch enables the change from one side to the other. OPTIONS Warzée SA +32 (0) 83 61 23 93 Tige de Buresse, 95 info @ warzee-sa.com 5360 Hamois (BELGIUM) www.warzee-sa.com


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